Transitions, transformations and tradeoffs

by Sir Peter Gluckman

Protecting and strengthening societal resilience and cohesion

Reflecting on the 18 months since Koi Tū’s launch

New Zealanders’ high compliance with Covid-19 lockdown rules and our collective responses to the Auckland and Christchurch terror attacks demonstrate our societal values and commitment to a cohesive society. However, longer-term societal issues such as climate change, economic transition, and social transition with an increasingly diverse population could still undermine our social cohesion.

A new Koi Tū commentary, Transitions, transformations and trade-offs: Protecting and strengthening societal resilience and cohesion,  discusses trust and cohesion in Aotearoa New Zealand. Given the potential for tensions arising between a bicultural and multicultural agenda, it is critical to think about how to sustain our societal cohesion. Having a good understanding of our society’s fabric and the things that threaten its integrity are essential in dealing with these challenges.

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