Ka taea e te wānanga te āwhina i te iwi.

Critical thinking can help communities and groups considerably.

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We support organisations, communities, iwi, and local and central government to make evidence-informed decisions on complex, challenging issues.

Koi Tū can provide innovative tools and processes that support:

  • Democratic innovation through informed public deliberation
  • Convening expert voices alongside public perspectives
  • Foresighting and strategic analysis
  • Evidence synthesis and program and service evaluation.

Democratic innovation

Complex Conversations: Shaping Tomorrow Together

Complex Conversations is a suite of programmes designed to bridge the gap between decision makers, stakeholders and the public, fostering a deeper understanding of complex issues and a more deliberative approach to contested public decisions.

We believe that informed dialogue that precedes decisions leads to better outcomes, and that’s why we develop and employ a range of powerful methodologies that are localised to respond to Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique institutional and cultural contexts. Our recognised expertise includes:

Citizens’ assemblies and deliberative forums

In the age of digital communication and mis- and dis-information, face-to-face interactions remain invaluable to learn, deliberate and build consensus. We offer strategic advice on undertaking citizens assemblies and deliberative forums that bring people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences together to engage in thoughtful, structured dialogues. These forums allow participants to explore multifaceted challenges collaboratively and develop informed, community-driven solutions.  Talk to us about co-designing a public process for your organisation’s tough questions.

Polis: your digital democracy companion

Digital tools have a distinct advantage in reaching a broader audience and quickly gathering diverse viewpoints. We have expertise with an innovative, digital platform which is designed to facilitate constructive online discussions that can adapt in real time to emerging ideas. It can offer powerful insights about group preferences and alignment. The platform doesn’t ask people questions, instead it empowers citizens to share their opinions with other respondents in a moderated manner and co-create the conversation.  The analytical tools associated with it provides decision-makers with valuable insights, while maintaining transparency and accessibility.

Contact us to discuss how we can help inform your decision making today.

Learn more about our Complex Conversations projects.

Convening expert voices

We understand that addressing complex issues requires a multifaceted, transdisciplinary approach. Our curated expert panels catalyse difficult conversations that are crucial for progress.

By convening diverse expert perspectives and knowledge, we assemble a rich tapestry of ideas that should form the foundation for informed and inclusive decision-making.

This process gets past conventional thinking to consider the issues through multiple lenses and in new ways. Results of this work led to our Future is Now discussion paper series, which capture the collective wisdom encapsulated in our panels, producing an invaluable resource for shaping the future. What issues are you working on that could benefit from a bespoke panel of experts?

Foresighting and strategic analysis

Anticipatory foresight

We take a long-term view on how rapid change affects society. We recognise many challenges require a complex, systems-based approaches that extend well beyond scenario analysis. A variety of state of the art  techniques can be used depending on the question. For example, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited commissioned Koi Tū to produce the Reimagining Tāmaki Makaurau provocation which considered what Auckland could look like in 50 years’ time.

Technology assessment

Staying abreast of technological advancements is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Our approach to technology assessment can empower organisations to make informed decisions about the short- and long-term consequences of emerging technologies in relation to future infrastructure, investments, policies, and strategies.

We apply innovative techniques and methodologies to provide technology advice for stakeholders. We can convene appropriate experts and facilitate deep dives through workshops and working groups to formulate meaningful outputs to inform future thinking and preparedness. 

Strategic analysis and advice

By leveraging our expertise across social, economic, environmental, sustainability, technological, and geostrategic domains and deep experience in  national and international policy settings, we offer a comprehensive approach to addressing complex multidimensional challenges.

In an ever-changing world, our strategic analysis is focused on future-proofing strategies by considering long-term trends and potential disruptions. By doing so, we help build resilient and adaptable plans that can withstand the test of time.

Economic analysis

We work alongside stakeholders to help solve complex problems using data. Our data analytics team use a range of tools and processes to draw out actionable insights from data to inform planning, decision making and policy interventions. We have access to large databases, including the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), which aids our economic analyses by providing access to multiple indicators of individual, whānau and community wellbeing.

Risk analysis and communication

Our team has national and international expertise in risk analysis and risk communication. This programme of work is closely linked to work across evidence in policy, technology assessment and navigating change. Explore our two publications Risk listening: rethinking how we understand and manage risk and Uncertain but inevitable: The expert-policy-political nexus and high-impact risks.

Evidence to policy

Evidence synthesis

Most decision makers don’t have the time or training to sift through the evidence on their own.  We have deep expertise in evidence synthesis and knowledge brokerage that can help. Our evidence briefs can inform policy and decision making to support Aotearoa New Zealand’s long-term future.

For example, our Knowledge hub for maternal and child health is a recognised leader. The team rigorously assesses academic and other literature on a specific topic by collating, interrogating and evaluating global and local information across multiple disciplines.They produce accessible evidence briefs that explain how the knowledge relates to an Aotearoa New Zealand context and discuss the research implications for New Zealand whānau (families), especially mothers/birthing parents, babies and tamariki (children).

Our work on economic insecurity has contributed to the ongoing discussion of alternative measures of population wellbeing beyond GDP. Our expertise in this area has informed Treasury’s first wellbeing report (Te Tai Waiora), which explores the state of wellbeing in New Zealand, and the UNDP discussions on rethinking the dimensions of the Human Development Index.

Preparing government submissions

Evidence is crucial in government decision making. We prepare comprehensive submissions to government which have made significant impact. We invite you to explore two of our previous submissions – the Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill and the Natural and Build Environment and the Spatial Planning Bill.

Knowledge brokerage

With strong national and international connections, we serve as the bridge that ensures that robust evidence, grounded in research, technical expertise and community knowledge, is readily available for those who shape policies and decisions. Our dedicated team compiles and translates complex data and research into accessible formats that resonate with policymakers and decision-makers.


We have expertise in designing policy trials and related areas, particularly design criteria and evaluating outcomes for impact.

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In a rapidly changing world where complex challenges require innovative solutions, Koi Tū can help map your pathway to inclusive, informed, and constructive decision-making. Join us in informing and shaping tomorrow. Get in touch to learn more about where our services might assist.