Social cohesion & resilience

Social cohesion is under increasing threat from rapid technological, social, environmental and economic change. Our work explores how we can maintain and enhance trust both in institutions and society and have honest discussion on difficult issues.

Public lecture: Cultivating social cohesion - insights from studying gangs, cults and terrorists


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Reflections on ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’ hui
Koi Tū strategic advisor Māori, Dr Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, shares some of his reflections from the recent 'Te Tiriti o Waitangi' hui.

The Beehive Building, New Zealand's Parliament Building, against the Sun in Wellington.
Giving voice to our future
In an op-ed for the NZHerald, Koi Tū director Sir Peter Gluckman and Koi Tū chair Bridget Coates encourage more meaningful conversations and a more future-oriented mindset to tackle the complex, multi-generational challenges that we face as a nation.

New Zealand traditional flax weaving handcraft
Webinar recording with Q&A: Addressing the challenges to social cohesion
Koi Tū hosted a webinar on Addressing the challenges to social cohesion on Thursday 31 August with our director Sir Peter Gluckman and distinguished professor emeritus Paul Spoonley.

View of the New Zealand flags flying in front of the parliament building, the Beehive, in Wellington.
Election year social cohesion straining at the seams in Aotearoa New Zealand
Aotearoa New Zealand in an election year finds itself a potentially more fractured society.

Social cohesion straining at the seams
New Zealand’s status as a cohesive high-trust nation is being strained by political, economic and environmental pressures, exacerbated by technological disruptors.

New Zealand traditional flax weaving handcraft
Addressing the challenges to social cohesion
In this discussion paper, we explore factors that are potentially threatening to our society’s resilience.

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The challenges to social development
Humans evolved as social animals and our wellbeing ultimately depends on the state of family, communities, and the societies we live in.


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