AI for conservation

by Dr Andrew Chen
Overview of a New Zealand native bush canopy

In this podcast, Koi Tū Research Fellow Dr Andrew Chen explores the use of artificial intelligence in conservation and how cutting-edge technologies can help protect the environment of Aotearoa New Zealand.

It’s an application that has garnered less attention in the AI space, but the potential benefits and impacts are profound.

He talks to Anna and Kelly Pendergrast from Antistatic Partners, a research and communications consultancy specialising in digital technology issues, and Dr Victor Anton from Wildlife AI, a conservation charity based in Taranaki that works with grassroots organisations to leverage AI technologies.

Further resources

Citizen Scientist portals mentioned by Victor:
Spyfish Aotearoa – Zooniverse
iNaturalist NZ

Policy Documents and Reports recommended by Anna and Kelly:
– AI Forum Report – AI for the Environment (2022)
– Ministry for the Environment – Environment Aotearoa Report (2019)
– Department of Conservation – Long-Term Insights Briefing (2022)

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