We focus on health, social and environmental factors that influence people's journey through life, particularly maternal and child health.

A missing piece

Not all mums-to-be have their own mamas around during their new journey into parenthood. And whether by choice or not, this can be challenging. Dr...


Childhood obesity: reducing the risk through early life measures
This evidence brief focuses on how early life nutrition, including prenatal exposures, caregiver feeding practices and childhood eating behaviours, contributes to overweight and obesity risk in children.

We are what, when and how we eat
A high proportion of children in Aotearoa New Zealand are overweight or obese prompting a new report on the causes of the problem and ways parents and healthcare providers can tackle it.

Richie Poulton
A tribute to Distinguished Professor Richie Poulton
New Zealand has lost an intellectual giant with the passing of Distinguished Professor Richie Poulton.

A tribute to Chloe Wright, a remarkable woman and philanthropist
We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Chloe Wright, a cherished member of our Koi Tū family and a remarkable donor to our organisation.

Someone is holding a baby who has sandy feet
Vacancy: Research Assistant for Knowledge Hub for Maternal and Child Health
We are seeking a research assistant on a fixed-term 12-month contract to undertake literature reviews and write synthesis reports for the Knowledge Hub for Maternal and Child Health.

Ahead of the game: Why play is the key to children’s future success
Play is an excellent way to help children's brains grow and develop important cognitive, socioemotional and physical skills.

Brain development is child’s play
With brain imaging studies showing children grow more grey matter if they are stimulated by play, it’s a no-brainer to give caregivers every opportunity to maximise the fun.

Father with tattoo cradling a baby in his arms
How are you feeling, Dad?
Welcoming a new member into the family can be an exciting but overwhelming time for dads as they adjust to a new family dynamic, while trying to support their partner.


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We aim to help policy makers, healthcare practitioners, service providers and other decision makers reach evidence-informed decisions based on the latest available knowledge across all disciplines relevant to maternal, infant and child health.

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