Trust in science

We explore trust in science, which is vital for informed decision-making. Science faces challenges in maintaining trust, particularly society's confidence in the scientific community's methods and findings, We aim to understand public and policymaker perceptions of science in a world where trust can be fragile.

Opening address to the International Ministerial Conference

Multilateral dialogue on principles and values for international cooperation in research and innovation


View of complex machinery like a particle accelerator at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research
Keynote address at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Amsterdam
There are many reasons why this topic is so important and yet remains inadequately addressed, and I will look at the question though diverse lenses reflecting the different hats I wear. I hope it still...

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Science and science systems: beyond semantics
When we conflate science and science systems, we risk undermining the place of science.  

Image of a computer generated Earth at night being held in someone's hands, with an unfocused background of a city.
Opening address at the High Level Political Forum of the United Nations
Substantive changes are needed in science and serious commitment to funding is needed if the sustainability agenda is going to be realistically achieved.

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Opening remarks to the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) Science Day
We need to be honest. Progress on the SDGs has been disappointing. Covid-19 and conflict may create excuses, but there are deeper reasons.

Independent report on Future Research Assessment Programme released
The International Advisory Group (IAG) was established two years ago to give independent advice to the Future Research Assessment Programme (FRAP).

View of a scientist using a pipette to measure out a liquid in a glass container, they are in a laboratory.
International Advisory Group: Future Research Assessment Programme (FRAP)
Two years ago, Sir Peter Gluckman was appointed chair of the International Advisory Group (IAG) to give independent advice on the assessment of UK higher education research performance to the Future Research Assessment Programme (FRAP)...

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Strengthening trust in science and technology
Trust in science can be compromised by both internal and external factors.


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