Science diplomacy

Science is a universal language and it can be used to bridge political and geopolitical barriers. Our work explores science diplomacy and how it can be effectively used.

Keynote address at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Amsterdam

There are many reasons why this topic is so important and yet remains inadequately addressed, and I will look at the question though diverse lenses...


Pacific talks progress ambitious plan for science  
An ambitious plan to co-design and establish a Pacific academy of sciences and humanities has gained strong support from more than 60 scholars from across the Pacific.

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Principles and values in international science cooperation
The following is Sir Peter’s opening address as President of the International Science Council to the initial session on the Multilateral Dialogue on Principles and Values in International Research and Innovation Cooperation with science policy...

View of complex machinery like a particle accelerator at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research
Collaborating for the long term – Peter Gluckman on the Ukrainian crisis
In the lead up to World Refugee Day, 20 June, read ISC President Peter Gluckman’s address to the ISC co-organized conference on the European response to the crisis facing Ukrainian researchers, scholars and scientists.

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Launch of the Fellowship of the International Science Council
Speech at the launch of the Fellowship of the International Science Council, Paris.

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Science and the multilateral system
International scientific collaboration has a long history – the first organised multilateral science expeditions in the 18th century related to establishing the solar unit (the distance of the sun to earth).

Sir Peter Gluckman awarded Singapore’s President’s Science and Technology Medal
Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures is delighted to announce our Director Sir Peter Gluckman has been awarded the prestigious Singapore’s President’s Science and Technology Medal (PSTM) in a special online ceremony this afternoon.

Group of business people sitting in a line at a panel.
Sir Peter Gluckman, becomes President of the International Science Council
Peter Gluckman, an internationally recognized biomedical scientist and former Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and recently retired chair of the International network for Government Science Advice, becomes President of the...

Image of a computer generated Earth at night being held in someone's hands, with an unfocused background of a city.
Interview: Sir Peter Gluckman’s influential new role in global science
Sir Peter Gluckman talks to NZ Herald's Jamie Morton about the International Science Council (ISC), of which he is currently President-Elect, and the impending release of a major ISC report mapping out various Covid-19 endgame...


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