Risk assessment

An important gap in public policy is between the technical assessment of risk and the responses to it. Koi Tū introduced the concept of risk listening which is how do we improve the ability of the policy and public community to listen to risk assessments and what they need.

Risk listening: rethinking how we understand and manage risk

Aotearoa New Zealand needs to set up a national risk assessment authority to better prepare the country for high-impact risks and disasters.


National risk assessment authority needed to better prepare for risk
Given New Zealand’s small size, a more coherent system of risk assessment and decision-making should be possible.

Road worker stopping the traffic during flooding and mudflow event in Cable Bay, Northland.
Earthquakes, the pandemic and floods – cycles of emotions
In 2011, after the Christchurch earthquake, the Government asked Sir Peter Gluckman to consider the psychological consequences of the earthquake. In the wake of storms, landslides flooding, he reflects on psychological recovery after natural disasters.

High angle on teenagers supporting each other during therapy
Psychological recovery from disasters needs support
Recovering psychologically from a disaster can take years and requires people to feel in control of their lives again.

Crowd of people walking street wearing masks during covid19 coronavirus pandemic
Unprecedented & Unfinished: COVID-19 and Implications for National and Global Policy
This week, the International Science Council (ISC), of which Koi Tū director Sir Peter Gluckman is president, has released a report assessing the global community’s response to the pandemic and looking ahead for the next...

Mapping of the spread of Coronavirus across the world.
Opening remarks to International Research for Disaster Risk international conference
The last 18 months have elevated discussion of risk to the front pages of virtually every paper and every TV broadcast in every country around the world. But we have to be honest – the...

Uncertain but inevitable: The expert-policy-political nexus and high-impact risks
The new report from Koi Tū, Uncertain but inevitable – the expert-policy-political nexus and high-impact risks, exposes gaps in New Zealand’s risk management ecosystem and argues that countries need to rethink how they prepare for...

Group of business people having meeting together in conference room, working on graphs with post-it notes.
Investment in mitigating risk is always a difficult Government decision
Op-Ed to accompany the release of the latest Koi Tū report on high impact risks.


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