NZ’s place in the world

Despite our small size and lack of geostrategic significance, our unique values-based cultural capital has given Aotearoa New Zealand leverage on the world stage. We need to work diligently to maintain our international relevance by participating in global forums and pursuing essential trade agreements.

APEC CEO Summit: What is next for New Zealand?

NZ cannot avoid the challenges of geographical position and size. Covid-19 has emphasised its isolation, at times reinforced its willingness to be somewhat complacent in...


Aerial view of a Sunrise over Waimakariri River, South Island, New Zealand.
The science-policy nexus and the green transition
Speech to the Workshop on Science for the Green Transition An accompanying event to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union with UKRI, FORMAS, CSIC and Science Europe)

View of Flax plants by the coast, with the sun rising and backlighting the plants
Covid-19, climate change and public decision making
The Covid-19 pandemic continues to progress in a relatively predictable manner with the evolution of more transmissible variants and countries fighting back with a mix of vaccines and behavioral strategies.

Close up of New Zealand on a 3D Puzzle
Interview – Re-opening NZ’s borders
With Australia's recent announcement of its plans to re-open its borders, there are now increasing questions around what New Zealand's response should look like.

New Zealand from space with stars above. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Interview – Reconnecting New Zealand with the world
In an interview with Stuff's John Anthony, Sir Peter Gluckman shares some thoughts on what is needed to reopen New Zealand's borders to the rest of the world.

Group of business people having meeting together in conference room, working on graphs with post-it notes.
Our pathway ahead – Speech to Business NZ CEO Forum
I want to focus on the challenging climate in which we collectively need to make decisions – not just over the next few months, or even over the current electoral cycle, but perhaps over coming...

Overview of Auckland city at night, taken from to top of a mountain.
Keynote address to Auckland’s Future, Now
Understanding Auckland’s unique assets and the region's value for creating a better future for Auckland.

Image of a computer generated Earth at night being held in someone's hands, with an unfocused background of a city.
Revival, rethink and redesign
Keynote address from Sir Peter Gluckman to the Institute of Directors


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