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Society is in an unstable state facing climate change and other sustainability risks. Technology is driving rapid social and other change which in turn induces fear and anxiety. In our fast paced world, how do we address and adapt to the changing information environment, new technologies and sustainability challenges ahead? How does New Zealand maintain our relevance to the world?

Wāhia te moana waiwai, te moana tāpokopoko.

Traverse the deep and boisterous seas.


Speech at the launch of international technology framework
Speech at the reception hosted by the New Zealand Ambassador to France for the launch of A guide for policy-makers: evaluating rapidly developing technologies including AI, large language models and beyond.

Empowering communities through deliberative democracy 
Our Koi Tū deputy director Anne Bardsley and associate director Kristiann Allen attended the Gisborne District Council recently to share how deliberative democracy can be used to facilitate community collaboration in climate adaptation and  resilience planning.

Close up view of microphones and recorders pointed at a person wearing a suit and tie.
Newshub closure a canary in the coalmine

Woman in an augmented reality abstract space, interacting with the internet whilst wearing a VR headset.
The AI fatigue: are we getting tired of artificial intelligence


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