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We inform policy to help to create conditions for society to thrive. We act as knowledge brokers by gathering evidence from multiple disciplines and domains and providing in useful formats for policy makers or civil society to make better decisions. We also study the science-policy-community interface to enhance how evidence is used in public decision making. Koi Tū is home to the International Network of Government Science Advice secretariat and the President of the International Science Council.

Ka hui te whare wānanga, ka rite te whare rūnanga.

When the wānanga-critical thinking is conducted, the decision makers take their place.


Childhood obesity: reducing the risk through early life measures
This evidence brief focuses on how early life nutrition, including prenatal exposures, caregiver feeding practices and childhood eating behaviours, contributes to overweight and obesity risk in children.

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Giving voice to our future
In an op-ed for the NZHerald, Koi Tū director Sir Peter Gluckman and Koi Tū chair Bridget Coates encourage more meaningful conversations and a more future-oriented mindset to tackle the complex, multi-generational challenges that we face as a nation.

Pacific talks progress ambitious plan for science  
An ambitious plan to co-design and establish a Pacific academy of sciences and humanities has gained strong support from more than 60 scholars from across the Pacific.

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Science and science systems: beyond semantics
When we conflate science and science systems, we risk undermining the place of science.  


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