Information environment

The evolving information environment has transformed our world in significant ways. Our society faces an overwhelming volume of information and disinformation. Navigating the information landscape to extract reliable insights for informed decision-making is an increasingly challenging task.

Long-term strategy needed for NZ’s public media broadcasting

Aotearoa New Zealand needs a long-term, integrated strategy for the long-term future of public media and broadcasting.


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Public media bill still unfit for purpose
The Bill that will create a new public media entity has been improved by the select committee that studied it, but it remains unfit for purpose.

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Interviews – Dr Andrew Chen
With the release of My Vaccine Pass, the official record of vaccination status in New Zealand, Dr Andrew Chen has been providing expert commentary on its use and potential privacy implications.

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The Algorithm Charter
We've heard a lot about algorithms in recent years, whether they're calculating your insurance premiums, running our traffic lights, or deciding what content to show you on social media platforms.

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Submission on Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill
Koi Tū has made a submission on the Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill. It was developed with support from our affiliate members and other experts including industry, academic and legal professionals, who joined us...

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Why you should keep your contact tracing app
The Prime Minister has announced that QR code scanning, and display of QR codes by businesses, is no longer required.

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Verification will be essential as New Zealanders start using vaccine passes
When New Zealand switches to the COVID-19 Protection Framework tomorrow, people will have to present vaccine passes to access many public spaces and venues.

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Koi Tū welcomes contact tracing record protections
Over the past year, Koi Tū Research Fellow Dr Andrew Chen has called for legislative protections for contact tracing records to make it explicit that misuse of these records is unacceptable.

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Technology, contact tracing, and Delta
The question that I’ve been asked is “how could technology better support contact tracing [as the case numbers increase and we head towards a new public health strategy]?”


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