Human potential

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Healthy people are the building blocks of healthy societies. How can we support our children to develop and thrive? How do we educate people to live in a rapidly changing society? How do we support our young people with their mental health?

He kākano, he purapura te tangata i ruiruia mai i Rangiātea.

A person is like a seed sown or a tuber nurtured at Rangiātea.


Tāmaki College and Koi Tū Research Practice Partnership
Tāmaki College has partnered with Koi Tū to evaluate and refine a problem-based learning programme. The goal is to develop the critical skills and competencies students need to contribute and thrive in a rapidly changing...

A missing piece
Not all mums-to-be have their own mamas around during their new journey into parenthood. And whether by choice or not, this can be challenging. Dr Felicia Low shares how to find other support. 

We are what, when and how we eat
A high proportion of children in Aotearoa New Zealand are overweight or obese prompting a new report on the causes of the problem and ways parents and healthcare providers can tackle it.

Childhood obesity: reducing the risk through early life measures
This evidence brief focuses on how early life nutrition, including prenatal exposures, caregiver feeding practices and childhood eating behaviours, contributes to overweight and obesity risk in children.


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