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We produce evidence-informed briefs, reports and other peer-reviewed publications to provide objective and reliable knowledge that enhances the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of policies.

Policy making and the green transition

Sir Peter Gluckman's comments at OECD ministerial meeting


Someone is holding a baby who has sandy feet
Ending child poverty
Our country’s recent political reset presents an opportunity to tackle one of the biggest blights on Aotearoa New Zealand society: longstanding child poverty and its resulting intergenerational effects.

Early investment: A key to reversing intergenerational disadvantage and inequity in Aotearoa New Zealand

Childhood obesity: reducing the risk through early life measures
This evidence brief focuses on how early life nutrition, including prenatal exposures, caregiver feeding practices and childhood eating behaviours, contributes to overweight and obesity risk in children.

Exploring factors influencing youth mental health
What we know and don’t know about the determinants of young people’s mental health.

Ahead of the game: Why play is the key to children’s future success
Play is an excellent way to help children's brains grow and develop important cognitive, socioemotional and physical skills.

Brain development is child’s play
With brain imaging studies showing children grow more grey matter if they are stimulated by play, it’s a no-brainer to give caregivers every opportunity to maximise the fun.

Independent report on Future Research Assessment Programme released
The International Advisory Group (IAG) was established two years ago to give independent advice to the Future Research Assessment Programme (FRAP).


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