Democratic innovation

We're developing innovative democratic processes and convening complex conversations to make public engagement and decision making more inclusive, informed and constructive.

Empowering communities through deliberative democracy 

Our Koi Tū deputy director Anne Bardsley and associate director Kristiann Allen attended the Gisborne District Council recently to share how deliberative democracy can be...


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Planning for climate adaptation

Partcipants at the Koi Tū and Watercare workshops.
New forum supports conversations about complex issues
Koi Tū will launch the Koi Tū Forum in April – a place for constructive dialogue about complex issues, one which will foster citizen engagement in decision-making for Aotearoa New Zealand’s future.

How to run society-wide conversations
As we start a new government term, new questions are reopened and existing questions are being reframed. These questions need society-wide input and discussion, and we need to carefully consider how to conduct these conversations...

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Help shape the future of transport in Auckland
Koi Tū is working with Auckland Council to understand what people think about changes to the transport system that will shape the future of our city.

Three women participate seated at tables in a workshop.
Citizens’ assembly case study for public service commission
The Koi Tū and Watercare citizens’ assembly features as a case study on the Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission website.

Shaping the future of transport in Auckland
Access to experts, data and research and being able to discuss the information with a diverse group of Aucklanders were the highlights for participants at a two-day citizens’ transport forum.

Watercare citizens’ assembly – one year on
One year on from the Watercare and Koi Tū citizens' assembly, Watercare provides an update on the actions they taken as a result of the citizens' recommendations.


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