The Future is Now Conversation Series

In 2020, Koi Tū produced a discussion paper series titled The Future is Now.

The eight papers reflected on New Zealand’s geostrategic positioning in a post-COVID world, and on domestic issues of social cohesion, mental health, the environment, growing a knowledge economy, and the primary production and food sectors.

Led by Sir Peter Gluckman and Dr Anne Bardsley, each paper had input from industry, academic and government representatives. 

The series proposition was that no matter how well we initially coped with the pandemic hitting our shores, its impacts on society were likely to be so wide-ranging and profound as to trigger a ‘reset’ – necessitating careful consideration of our national aspirations and direction as we look beyond the current crisis into our medium- and long-term future.

Discussion paper 1: The Future Is Now: Implications of COVID-19 for New Zealand (17 April 2020)

Discussion paper 2: He Oranga Hou: Social cohesion in a post-COVID world (4 May 2020)

Discussion paper 3: New Zealand’s place in the world: the implications of COVID-19 (20 May 2020)

Discussion paper 4: The Environment is Now (29 May 2020)

Discussion paper 5: Protecting and promoting mental wellbeing: Beyond COVID-19 (12 June 2020)

Discussion paper 6: The future of food & the primary sector: The journey to sustainability (17 June 2020)

Discussion paper 7: New Zealand’s economic future: COVID-19 as a catalyst for innovation (6 November 2020)

Discussion paper 8: The future is now: Exploring the post-pandemic direction for Aotearoa New Zealand (16 November 2020)

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