Tatjana Buklijas

Dr Tatjana Buklijas

Associate Director – Academic
Director of the Europe Institute


Tatjana’s expertise spans the fields of history, philosophy and social studies of (biomedical) science, as well as evolutionary medicine and developmental origins of health and disease. Her current research projects include a manuscript on the history of epigenetics and an investigation into the constructions of environment in biomedical sciences. Tatjana is also a research lead and mentor for the International Network for Governmental Science Advice where she is involved in research on the uses of (scientific) evidence in policy interventions.

Tatjana holds a medical degree (University of Zagreb) and PhD in history and philosophy of science (University of Cambridge). She has taught in undergraduate programmes and supervised postgraduate students at the University of Cambridge, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia), Medical University of Vienna and University of Auckland. She has been a PI for Wellcome Trust (at Cambridge), Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden and MBIE Endeavour grants (Auckland), as well as Fritz Thyssen Senior Fellow at Central European University.

Tatjana welcomes enquiries from potential research students in social studies of science, history of biomedical science, science communication and deliberative engagement around science-related issues.

Publications can be found here.