Kristiann Allen

Associate Director – Policy and International Engagement

Kristiann is a senior policy practitioner-turned-researcher. She is interested in the dynamics of the science/policy interface, specialising in both ‘science for policy’ and ‘policy for science’ processes. Her research interests include public research governance in small systems, particularly how policy discourses are created, embedded, or destabilised, as well the influence of linguistic and cultural diversity on advisory processes to governments.  An emerging area of research is in deliberative public decision making, which combines multiple types of knowledge and values in facilitate learning and deliberation on complex problems that require collective action.

Kristiann has worked had the intersection of science and public policy in multiple contexts globally, including sub-national, national (federal) and multi-lateral systems. She has served as Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor NZ, as well as consulted on the establishment of government science advisory mechanisms internationally. Prior to this, Kristiann worked within the science policy system in her native Canada. Kristiann is a founding member of INGSA, where she provides strategic direction and undertakes mentorship as the network’s Executive Secretary.

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Kristiann Allen

Associate Director – Policy and International Engagement

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