Izzy Fenwick

Rangatahi Co-Chair

With a background in psychology, a degree in business communications, and an upbringing deeply rooted is environmental protection, Izzy’s skills and interests sit in the intersection of human behavior change and corporate sustainability.

Izzy is driven by a deep commitment to continue her late father's legacy as one of New Zealand's esteemed environmentalists and businessmen, Sir Rob Fenwick. Inspired by his mission to protect and restore Aotearoa for future generations, she has dedicated herself to championing sustainable practices and intergenerational wisdom.

In the last few years, Izzy has founded two companies both with the purpose to enable better ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices within New Zealand organisations. One is the tech company, Futureful, which will be launching later this year and one is FENWICK, an organization that creates, manages, and supports next-generation advisory panels and shadow boards for organisations wanting to become better ancestors to the next generation.

Izzy also serves on the board of The Aotearoa Circle as an Emerging Director and is a fellow of the NEXT foundation.

“I believe many of the critical challenges we face today are due to a lack of informed long-term thinking coinciding with the rapid social, economic, technological, and environmental change we’ve seen in the last several decades. That’s where my appreciation and connection to the Koi Tū mahi began. We need more informed, systemic, long-term thinking now more than ever, and that is why I’m interested and invested in working with Koi Tū.”

Our people

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Deputy Director

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Associate Director – Academic

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Strategic Advisor for Technological Futures