Evan Williams

Advisory Board Member

Evan is the principal of Willams Group NZ Limited a private family company group established by him in 2000.

He has a masters degree with honours in law. He has wide experience in law, business and government issues. He has been a partner and the chairman of Chapman Tripp, the chairman of Te Papa Tongarewa, and a director or a member of advisory boards of numerous companies including a European based, US listed, aircraft leasing company. He has advised a wide variety of governments, government entities and companies in New Zealand and internationally on public sector, financing, markets and corporate issues. He has also been a director of numerous private companies.

Alongside his legal and commercial interests Evan has had a continuous involvement in charitable and public service trusts as a board member or chair. Evan is passionate about the future of New Zealand and the ways we can achieve a more resilience, harmonious and forward looking society, and the role that Koi Tu can play in moving us forward.

Our people

Dr Anne Bardsley

Deputy Director

Dr Tatjana Buklijas

Associate Director – Academic

Kristiann Allen

Associate Director – Policy and International Engagement

Hema Sridhar

Strategic Advisor for Technological Futures