Chloe Wilkinson

Research Analyst

Chloe works in the Knowledge Hub for Maternal and Child Health, an initiative bringing an interdisciplinary approach to maternal and child health research. She has a background in women’s health and health economics. She has previously worked as a midwife in clinical practice in various settings and on clinical trials through the Liggins Institute. 

Chloe developed an interest in health economics while doing a master’s degree. Her research interests are centred on maternal and infant health and the developmental origins of health and disease. She has a Bachelor of Midwifery (with distinction) and a Master of Public Health (with first-class honours).

Our people

Dr Anne Bardsley

Deputy Director

Hema Sridhar

Senior Research Fellow (Government Relations, Technology and Foresight)

Dr Tatjana Buklijas

Associate Director – Academic

Kristiann Allen

Associate Director – Policy and International Engagement