Associates (University of Auckland)

  • Prof Cindy Kiro – Pro-Vice Chancellor Māori
  • Dr Jacquie Bay – Liggins Institute
  • Dr Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy – Business School
  • Prof Ian Lambie – Department of Psychology
  • Prof Stuart McNaughton – Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Prof Colin Tukuitonga – Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Affiliates – New Zealand

  • Prof Paul Spoonley – Massey University
  • Prof Ken Hughey – Lincoln University and Department of Conservation
  • Prof Stephen Goldson – Lincoln University and AgResearch
  • Prof Richie Poulton – Otago University
  • Andrew Sweet – Productivity Commission


Affiliates – International

  • Prof Matthias Kaiser – University of Bergen, Norway
  • Paul Hofheinz, Lisbon Council, Brussels
  • Prof Karen Hussey – University of Queensland and Department of Environment, Queensland Government
  • Assoc Prof Robyn Mildon, Centre for Evaluation and Implementation, Melbourne
  • Dr Vaughan Turekian – National Academies of Sciences USA and Georgetown University
  • Prof Nic Smith, Queensland Institute of Technology
  • Prof Terrence Forrester – The University of the West Indies, Jamaica


Collaborating centres – New Zealand

  • University of Auckland – academic staff from faculties of Arts, Science, Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering, Business, Law, and Education, and Liggins Institute
  • University of Otago
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Massey University
  • Lincoln University
  • Te Papa Tongarewa


Collaborating centres – International

  • University of Sheffield, UK – Research on Research Institute
  • University College London, UK – Department of Science Technology, Engineering and Public Policy
  • Oxford University, UK – Centre for Social Cohesion
  • University of West Indies – Centre for Solutions for Developing Countries
  • Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences and National University of Singapore School of Medicine
  • University of Bergen, Norway – Centre for the Study of Sciences and Humanities
  • University of Ottawa, Canada – Institute for Science Society and Policy
  • Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
  • Lisbon Council – a Brussels think tank
  • National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, USA
  • International Network for Government Science Advice
  • International Science Council