Our staff teach in undergraduate courses offered at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (MBChB 311) and Faculty of Science (SCIGEN301), as well in career and professional development courses across the university.

We welcome inquiries from students interested in postgraduate studies in the areas and fields including: evidence and expertise in policy making; history and social studies of science; the politics of scientific advice; and public engagement with science and technology.

Career and professional development

The SPE began under the Office of the Chief Science Advisor as a forum for emerging and early stage scientists and policy professionals interested in better understanding the nexus between public policy and science, so as to engage on real public policy questions.

Beyond professional development, the SPE initiative aims to foster diversification of the science advisory ecosystem by gathering insights and input from the innovative ‘growth layer’ of scientific and policy professions. The cohort structure is balanced by gender, expertise, and ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ sides of science advice.

The programme will continue to be run through the Centre for Informed Futures, with the aim of developing future leaders at the science-policy interface. Participants will work through theoretical problems and engage in projects on real-world issues. The SPE provides mentorship, network building and the opportunity for participants to employ their expertise and science policy brokerage skills in real domains at the science-policy nexus.