OECD presentation – Standards of evidence in policy advice

Close up shots of documents clipped together and stack on top of each other, on a workers desk.

Sir Peter Gluckman made the keynote introduction to the October 2018 OECD meeting on standards of evidence in policy advice. The presentation slides can be downloaded here.


Fostering evidence-informed policy making in a post-truth context is challenging. Governments recognise the importance of using evidence in the policy making process, but not all evidence is equal. Some evidence is more robust and trustworthy and deserves to be given more weight in decision making. Furthermore, ensuring evidence is used in decision making is not a one-off, but requires persistent interaction with decision makers, which may require attention to the integrity, transparency and legitimacy of the interface between evidence producers and decision makers. This keynote introduction offers an overview of the challenges faced at the international level and highlights the value of shared standards of evidence.

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