Koi Tū supports Global Studies programme

Dr Tatjana Buklijas, Koi Tū Associate Director – Academic, has been appointed a Senior Lecturer to the Global Studies programme at the University of Auckland.

Tatjana will split her time between Koi Tū and the transdisciplinary Global Studies programme, which aims to create the next generation of leaders who are well-placed to shape the intersection of global trends and local issues.

Described as the only degree of its kind in New Zealand, Global Studies has more than 500 students. The course is designed to help students make a difference by applying knowledge to the contemporary issues of our increasingly globalised world.

“As a transdisciplinary think tank and research organisation, Koi Tū is pleased to strengthen our alignment with Global Studies. We can help broaden students’ skills in areas such as science and health – which are clearly of huge global significance and provide connections to international organisations and international experts.”

Tatjana’s role builds on the Koi Tū mentoring with Global Studies students in 2020. Koi Tū has also hosted four Global Studies summer students to support research projects including a tracker of Covid-19 policy advice, evaluating science advice used in the pandemic and exploring the drivers to improve digital contact tracing uptake internationally.

Read more about Global Studies here.

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