Koi Tū Forum

The Koi Tū Forum is designed to address complex and critical issues facing our society’s future.

It provides a platform for building consensus on key matters through meaningful citizen involvement and rational dialogue.

We partner with citizens, communities and institutions and use cutting-edge democratic tools to transform local and national conversations, promote citizen engagement and enhance the quality of decision-making.

Our vision is to establish the Koi Tū Forum as a national centre for democratic innovation in Aotearoa New Zealand to help shape a resilient and robust future for our country.


Democracies worldwide are facing increasing social polarisation and declining trust in political institutions. In New Zealand, our society is challenged by growing inequalities, declining social cohesion, and ecological degradation. The Koi Tū Forum will promote finding common ground and reaching consensus through rational dialogue and expert-supported deliberation.

Why Koi Tu?

The forum is a unit of Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures, a thinktank at Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland led by Director Sir Peter Gluckman and Chair Bridget Coates. The Koi Tū Forum Patron is former Governor General of New Zealand Sir Jerry Mateparae and is supported by a panel of pre-eminent New Zealanders.

The team, headed by Dr Anne Bardsley, has extensive experience in creating constructive conversations on complex issues. As an independent organisation with strong support across the political spectrum, we are now ready to extend these tools more broadly across the community.

Why your support matters

Establishing the Koi Tu Forum and extending its capabilities to meet future demands requires
support to help attract talent, continue research, grow public education, and advocate for these new tools to strengthen New Zealand’s democracy.

By supporting this initiative, you will be at the forefront of enhancing consensus in New Zealand and contributing to a more resilient and democratic New Zealand.

To discuss the Koi Tu Forum, please contact:
Sir Peter Gluckman, Koi Tu Director
+64 21 775 568 | pd.gluckman@auckland.ac.nz

Bridget Coates, Koi Tu Chair
+64 27 714 0591 | bridget@kuranutrition.com

Stacey Ogg, Development Manager
+64 27 232 0593 | staey.ogg@auckland.ac.nz