From global to local: risks, science and technology

Businessperson and lawyer or judge having a consultation meeting, looking at a document and discussing.

Welcome to the Centre for Science in Policy, Diplomacy and Society (SciPoDS), a Research Centre and think-tank hosted within the Public Policy Institute of the University of Auckland.

Positioned at the nexus of science and public policy, SciPoDS combines a commitment to academic research with policy practice. We define science in its broadest possible sense – not simply a cluster of disciplines or collection of technical facts, but rather a mode of thinking that institutionalises a distinct form of critical analysis.

Bridging scientific and policy cultures, SciPoDS focuses on the knowledge component of policy-making in its many aspects:

  • Synthesising scientific evidence in policy-ready ways, while accounting for the contested nature of research and its application to complex policy areas;
  • Developing the knowledge brokering skills and capacity that can combine scientific and policy approaches to complex problems;
  • Communicating scientific knowledge to multiple audiences through meaningful engagement that can help build trust.

Our themes