Webinar: How an e-Kiwi would transform Aotearoa NZ’s economy

3d image of dots connected by straight lines with computer code in the background, symbolising the internet

This webinar discusses the concept of a future e-currency for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Dr Hermann Hauser, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners, posits that developing an “e-Kiwi” would give New Zealand an important opportunity to be at the forefront of this current evolution in the financial sector.

He believes that by adopting this technology, as well as best practices and standards, New Zealand could deliver more value to its citizens.

Central banks and governments around the world are racing to launch government-backed e-currencies as a form of payment. This is in response to other countries’ moves, sovereignty considerations, the decreasing use of cash, and private sector competition from technology companies and cryptocurrencies.

This presentation covers the current global race in central bank digital currency, reasons why New Zealand must launch an e-Kiwi, the benefits it could bring — and the pitfalls to avoid.

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