Dr Tatjana Buklijas

Academic papers by Dr Tatjana Buklijas.


Hanson, M., Buklijas, T. 2024. The first 5000 days: Making the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 1989-2003. In Pentecost, M., Keaney, J., Penkler, M. The Handbook of DOHaD and Society: Past, present and future directions of biosocial collaboration. Cambridge University Press (In press).

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Hildreth, J.R., Vickers, MH., Buklijas, T., & Bay, JL. 2022. Understanding the importance of the early-life period for adult health: A systematic review. Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease 14(2): 166-174.

Baedke, J., Buklijas, T. 2022. Where organisms meet the environment. Introduction to the Special Issue ‘What counts as environment in biology and medicine. Historical, philosophical and sociological perspectives.’ Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Sep 30; S0039-3681(22)00146-7.

Trask, S., D’Souza, E., Herbst, P., Hildreth, JR., Tu’akoi, S., Buklijas, T., Menzies, RL., Vickers, M., & Bay, JL. 2022. Using appreciative approaches to explore New Zealand youth perspectives of online learning support during COVID-19 . Asian Journal of Distance Education17(1). http://asianjde.com/ojs/index.php/AsianJDE/article/view/627

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Buklijas, T. 2021. Developmental origins of health and disease: What it is and why it matters. International Journal of Birth and Parent Education 8(3): 15-19.

Kaiser, M., Goldson, S., Buklijas, T., Gluckman, PD., Allen, K., Bardsley, A., & Lam, ME. 2021. Towards post-pandemic ethical food systems. Food Ethics 6, 4. https://doi-org.ezproxy.auckland.ac.nz/10.1007/s41055-020-00084-3


Buklijas, T. 2020. Publicity, politics and professoriate in fin-de-siècle Vienna: The misconduct of the embryologist Samuel Leopold Schenk. History of Science May 2020. DOI: 10.1177/0073275320914140.

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