COVID-19 and the weather

Overview of a New Zealand native bush canopy

There is a lot of interest in whether COVID-19 transmission is affected by temperature, and in particular what will happen as New Zealand enters autumn and then winter.

The available data are of course limited and largely ecological in nature, with very short time-series data reported. The extent to which the findings reflect human behaviour or bona fide environmental effects is also not clear.

Nevertheless, the evidence – while limited and subject to other interpretations – does suggest that a cooling temperature leads to greater transmission of the virus, and even possibly to more severe disease. If real (and it cannot be known until more data are available), then it provides a further impetus for using the current lockdown period to aim for eradication.

Below is a regularly updated paper list maintained by Dr Felicia Low. Note that due to the very rapid pace of the research, many of the papers are preprints that have not yet been subjected to peer review.

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Pinned key references:

Added 7 June 2020 – published papers only (non-preprints)

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Added 25 May 2020 – published papers only (non-preprints)

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Added 13 May 2020

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Added 6 May 2020

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Added 29 April 2020

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Added 21 April 2020

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Added 15 April 2020

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Added 7 April 2020

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Added 31 March 2020

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