Addressing the challenges to social cohesion

by Sir Peter Gluckman, Paul Spoonley, Anne Bardsley, Richie Poulton, Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal, Hema Sridhar & Dawnelle Clyne
New Zealand traditional flax weaving handcraft

In this discussion paper, Addressing the challenges to social cohesion, we explore factors that are potentially threatening to our society’s resilience.

Depending on how we react to a broad range of stresses, this increasingly fragile cohesion could be pushed past a tipping point.

The challenges are interacting and complex, and we will need to find solutions that are specific to the cultural, social, and political context of Aotearoa New Zealand. We conclude by suggesting a range of actions by multiple players that focus not only on enhancing social trust but also on protecting institutional trust. The latter raises questions about how our democracy should evolve, and whether new institutions and approaches are needed

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