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Our evidence briefs compile the latest research and evidence into easy to read summary documents.



Beyond genes: How fathers play a biological role in the health of future generations
A significant proportion of New Zealand men may be impacting the health of their future children through poor health and lifestyle behaviours prior to conception.

Bonding: A brilliant brain builder
This evidence brief covers the importance of supporting parents to bond with their child from the earliest years.

Executive functions: A crucial but overlooked factor for lifelong wellbeing
Executive functions refer to the set of cognitive processes that help us learn, pay attention, control our emotions, and work towards a goal.

Improving mask use to reduce COVID-19 transmission
A new Koi Tū rapid evidence brief has synthesised the most up-to-date research on medical masks, cloth masks and N95 respirator masks.

Screen time: The effects on children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development
In today's digital world, children are growing up with screens and digital devices pervading almost every aspect of their lives. This is a new phenomenon not even seen in the previous generation.


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