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Close up of a liquid being pipitted into a test tube
Will science and technology drive New Zealand’s future thinking?
Sir Peter's speech to the Life Sciences Summit.

Picture of a very crowded street, early morning in a city.
International Association of Science, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) Autumn Conference
The ISC is the world’s primary NGO for promoting the global voice of science and integrating the natural and social sciences. It comprises most of the world’s scientific academies, and international disciplinary bodies.

View of Flax plants by the coast, with the sun rising and backlighting the plants
Science, society and our future
Address to Annual Meeting of NZIER, 21 September 2022

Group of business people sitting in a line at a panel.
Principles and values in international science cooperation
The following is Sir Peter’s opening address as President of the International Science Council to the initial session on the Multilateral Dialogue on Principles and Values in International Research and Innovation Cooperation with science policy...

View of complex machinery like a particle accelerator at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research
Collaborating for the long term – Peter Gluckman on the Ukrainian crisis
In the lead up to World Refugee Day, 20 June, read ISC President Peter Gluckman’s address to the ISC co-organized conference on the European response to the crisis facing Ukrainian researchers, scholars and scientists.


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