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A group of People Meeting for a Seminar in an Office
Webinar recording: Another democratic future is possible – inspiration from Europe
This webinar discusses ideas and experiments seen across Europe aimed at reinvigorating democracy with political scientist Claudia Chwalisz and author and activist Jon Alexander.

Close up view of someone at a panel taking notes on paper
Webinar recording: Transdisciplinarity – the challenge for responsible science and innovation
Academics may have noticed that some research projects now appear under the heading of being “transdisciplinary” and sometimes, funders now ask for such projects. However, it is often unclear what that label signifies in practice.

Our Climate Declaration webinar: Complex conversations on complex questions
In a recent webinar hosted by Our Climate Declaration, Dr Tatjana Buklijas and Kristiann Allen discussed how deliberative democracy can act as a bridge between public perceptions of major issues including climate change and the...

Maori and Pacific Islander women in Business Setting
Webinar: Policy, public opinion and political marketing: Lessons from the NZ 2020 election
Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment and Dr Edward Elder from the University of Auckland will use Vote Compass data to highlight the key lessons learned about political marketing and policy from 2020, taking both political communicator...

3d image of dots connected by straight lines with computer code in the background, symbolising the internet
Webinar: How an e-Kiwi would transform Aotearoa NZ’s economy
This webinar discusses the concept of a future e-currency for Aotearoa New Zealand.


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