Help shape the future of transport in Auckland

A woman cycling along red bike lane with signs of bicycles on street

Koi Tū is working with Auckland Council to understand what people think about changes to the transport system that will shape the future of our city.

They’re calling for participants to join an online conversation asking “what changes do you think are needed to ensure that everyone can get around efficiently, affordably, safely and sustainably, well into the future?”

It builds on earlier work from September this year when 100 Aucklanders were selected by civic lottery to discuss this complex issue in a ‘deliberative forum’. The participant group listened to experts and to each other’s ideas, and worked through scenarios for the future from different perspectives.

Now Koi Tū want to hear from the rest of Auckland.

The conversation platform offers a way to show how much you agree or disagree with an action and also why. You will also have the opportunity to add actions that, in your view, are missing from the list. Participants will enter into our draw for one of five $100 Prezzy cards by adding their voice to the conversation which is open until the end of January.

Koi Tū deputy director Anne Bardsley says the current transport system is not meeting the needs of our growing population and economy. 

“The problems are complex. Changes in the transport system will impact current and future generations of Aucklanders. To make the right decisions, it is important to understand what people want for the future, and what they think is a fair approach to achieve those goals.”

Dr Bardsley says deliberative engagement, such as citizens’ assemblies and deliberative forums that follow the principles of deliberative democracy, are gaining popularity internationally as ways to make public engagement and decision making more inclusive, informed and constructive.

Why are we doing this?

Koi Tū is a think tank at the University of Auckland. We are pioneering innovative tools to make public engagement more inclusive, informed and constructive. Please get in touch at for assistance or questions about the project.

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